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7 Best Microwaves For The Visually Impaired 2024!

Antonio Forde
Updated: July 4, 2024
8 min read

The microwave industry now offers a whole load of products tailor-made for the visually impaired. With its elegant design and easy, intuitive interface, the Panasonic Countertop Commercial Microwave easily soars in the ranks.

How I Picked

Because of all the extra features that come with visually impaired designs, you must be careful. I make sure all my recommendations justify their price tag.


More and more manufacturers are delving into the ubiquitous world of visually impaired microwaves. Therefore, I made sure all my consideration’s qualities match their well-known reputations.


There are honestly endless features and options available when it comes to microwaves today. That said, I made sure I targeted models that offered the exact features the visually impaired would benefit from.

Overall Design

The visually impaired might not care about aesthetics, but the design is still extremely important when it comes to durability and simplicity. You must make sure your model is simplistic while still offering dependability you can rely on.

Top Pick
Panasonic Consumer NE1054F 1000 Watt Commercial Microwave Oven With 10 Programmable Memory, Stainless
Panasonic Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven (Top Pick)

Designed around a commercial platform, this model offers rugged durability combined with the most convenient heating technologies that will benefit anyone.

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The Panasonic is a commercially designed microwave, but it still only consumes a practical footprint. With dimensions of only 16.56” x 20.12” x 12”, you won’t have a problem finding the space for this model.

With a rugged and durable commercial design, you can be as rough as you want with this bad boy without putting a dent in it.

The only downside to the design is that it adds to the overall weight.

The microwave comes in at a bit heavier 40 pounds. That said, the rubber risers located at the bottom ensure that the appliance stays stable and quiet during operation.

Panasonic is right there with today’s top tech giants. However, the most impressive thing I found this model offered was the bottom energy feed design. 

Without a turntable, the model is not only buckets easier to clean, but it offers more space as well as easier operation.

Because of this, the heat waves are sent from the bottom, minimizing the overall distance they need to travel to reach your food.

The grab-and-go handle along with the simplistic digital controls makes operation easy, but the additional braille finger tabs are the biggest plus for the visually impaired.

With all programmable and one-touch controls, anyone will be able to effectively navigate through this device’s interface.

Budget Pick
Amazon Basics Microwave, Small, 0.7 Cu. Ft, 700W, Works with Alexa
Amazon Basics Microwave

No braille touchpad, but the optional voice commands offer all the convenience anyone needs.

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While the Amazon model doesn’t offer any pre-installed braille controls, it does give you the option of voice control.

You can pair this affordable unit with an Echo device and issue commands through the Alexa app.

As far as voice commands go, there are nearly limitless options that’ll give one all the versatility they need in the kitchen.

You could nearly start a conversation with the machine if you find yourself trying to pass time while your food heats.

Don’t worry if you want to opt-out of the voice controls because the digital interface is more than intuitive. With a simplistic and smart design, the Amazon Microwave does all the hard work.

You can easily and accurately defrost foods based on sensors that monitor weight. Great results every time!

Along with the option of choosing between 10 different power levels, you’ll have endless options for experimenting with various dishes.

Don’t be another of those that are fooled by this model’s affordable price tag. It might not offer the durability of an all-stainless steel design, but it certainly does not waver in dependability.

The grab-and-go handle is just a testament to the overall rugged design. The handle makes loading and unloading the microwave easier while also eliminating the possibility of a mechanical failure.

The Amazon offers an exceptionally practical counter footprint, but it still offers the huge power you need to make quick work of the largest and deepest dishes.

700 watts with a 10-in turntable offer all the versatility one might need.

Also Great
TOSHIBA ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Countertop Microwave, Sensor Reheat, Works With Alexa & Remote Control, Kitchen Essentials, Mute Function&ECO Mode, 1100W, 1.3 Cu Ft, With 12.4' Turntable, Stainless Steel
Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Countertop Microwave

Take complete control of your heating needs with all the versatility and customization one needs in a quality microwave.

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Toshiba is just as well known as Panasonic. The ML-EM34PSS shows exactly why the company has grown to become one of the biggest tech giants today.

Integrate this model with an Echo Device for a hands-free operation. You can command the device to heat while you tackle other chores, or you can get dinner started with a few simple clicks on your smartphone while enjoying Netflix.

With the 23 preset controls and smart technology, you can honestly just set the microwave and let it cook without worrying about a thing.

This is in part thanks to the intelligent humidity sensor. This built-in sensor monitors the humidity in your food as it cooks to deliver exceptional results for every cook.

It’ll go as far as to automatically adjust the power and time for you. Never worry about a thing with this intuitive device.

It offers huge power at 1100 watts with more than a big enough interior cooking space.

Although the ML-EM34PSS delivers huge power, you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity thanks to the energy-saving mode.

While operating in this mode, you can cut your electrical footprint in half. 

Don’t worry about sacrificing the taste or texture of your dishes either because this Toshiba will still deliver the huge results you need.

With the stainless steel design and grab-and-go handle, you’ll have all the rugged durability you need to handle all the unexpected elements.

Don’t worry about disturbing others with late-night cooks because you can eliminate all the beeps and buzzes by going completely silent.

You’ll find yourself using this microwave constantly because of its convenience and capability.

If that is the case don’t sweat cleaning because this model was specifically designed for easy maintaining and cleaning.

With its removable turntable and metal interior, you can wipe clean spills and leaks.

Talking Microwave Oven
MaxiAids Talking Microwave Oven

After seeing what this bad boy offers, you’ll understand why it won talking microwave of the year.

Check Price on Amazon

MaxiAids isn’t a name that rings familiarity with most, but this talking microwave takes heating convenience and technology to all-new heights.

It was specifically designed with features to tailor to the visually impaired. It really is no wonder this very model won “best talking microwave of the year”.

The model isn’t just voice-controlled or activated, but it announces reminders while cooking.

It’ll also let you know when your cooks are done. You’ll feel like you are speaking with a friend.

You can adjust the volume to suit your specific needs, so you can even hear announcements while in another room if you want.

This model might not offer all the controls and preset you’ll find with the most advanced models today.

However, it does offer huge power in 1000 watts coupled with 4 different power options. That’ll give you all the versatility you need in the kitchen.

The voice will alert you to everything from the time of day to the remaining cook time.

With the big features, you still don’t have to worry about consuming too much counter space thanks to the practical counter footprint of 20.2” x 12” x 16.7”.

GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven | Complete with Scan-to-Cook Technology and Wifi-Connectivity | 0.9 Cubic Feet Capacity, 900 Watts | Home & Kitchen Essentials | Stainless Steel
GE JES1097SMSS Countertop Microwave Oven

Another known household name that takes heating technology to the next level while still offering the utmost simplicity and convenience.

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Big power with just a minimal consumption of counter space. The GE JES1097SMSS offers 900 watts of big power in a 19” x 14.5” 11.5” package.

With the all-stainless steel, you’ll make quick work of regular cleaning without worrying about wear and tear.

The only downside to this is the rugged design makes the model weigh in at a heavier 33 pounds.

Other than that, this GE offers the utmost convenience with its wide array of voice commands. Set the time, add time, adjust power levels, and more by issuing simple voice commands. 

Forget reading the instruction booklet, which usually isn’t even configured for the visually impaired.

The scan-to-cook technology lets you scan your frozen foods with your smartphone and automatically sets your microwave for optimal heating results.

Heating should never be overcomplicated, and it isn’t with this new technology.

This not only makes everything so much more convenient, but it does away with the guesswork. The feature will also help with energy savings.

All this with a reputable name and compact counter footprint, and you are looking at a must-have for anyone visually impaired.

COMMERCIAL CHEF Rotary Dial Microwave with 6 Power Levels, Small Microwave with Pull Handle, 900W Countertop Microwave with Kitchen Timer, Microwave 0.9 Cu Ft with Rotary Dial Controls, Black
Commercial Chef CHMH900B6C Microwave Oven

With the simplistic and elegant two-dial design, you can completely forget about wasting time with digital numbers and controls. Simplify life with fewer electronics!

Check Price on Amazon

Another reputable company doing what they do best with today’s top household technologies. The Commercial Chef offers big power of 900 watts at a minimal footprint.

Although the footprint is minimal of 13” x 21” x 17”, you don’t have to worry about interior space.

The interior design offers a vast 0.9 cubic feet of heating space. Big power with big options. Choose between the six different power levels to customize your dishes and recipes.

The two-dial interface eliminates all the complicated digital programming controls.

You can easily re-heat food or defrost vegetables on the middle power levels while taking advantage of the higher power settings for more frozen, heavy-duty tasks.

You’ll make the quickest work of the most frozen dishes. The design is simple but offers the utmost durability. Some of this is in part thanks to the handy grab-and-go handle.

Grab the handle, pull open the door, and load in your dishes. This with the mechanical dials and there is so much less you must worry about going wrong with the interface.

In addition to the compact design, the unit is simple to clean and requires only minimal upkeep. The dishwasher-safe removable turntable only makes the chore all that much easier.

Breville Compact Wave Soft Close Microwave BMO650SIL, Silver
Breville BMO650SIL Compact Wave Soft Close Countertop Microwave

A well-known manufacturer offers the perfect combination of digital and analog controls to deliver the utmost convenience and simplicity.

Check Price on Amazon

The Breville weighs in at a heavier 30 pounds, but this is just a testament to the overall durability of the machine.

Its all-stainless steel design is not only sleek and easy to maintain, but it offers complete durability.

Breville has been making consumers smile since 1932 and they’ve grown more than confident with their products.

This is one of the reasons they are willing to back this model with a one-year warranty. You get a guarantee of a name and brand that has grown to be respected and trusted over the years.

With big power of 900 watts and a spacious interior of 0.9 cubic feet, you’ll have all the versatility you’ll find yourself ever needing in the kitchen.

Even with the big power, you don’t have to worry about injuries thanks to the child safety lock. The BMO650SIL is just the perfect mixture of analog and digital.

With this combination of controls, you’ll be able to defrost frozen dishes gradually and gently without drying them out or overheating them, which is a common complaint with many microwaves. 

This model is not only designed to operate at 80 percent less noise level, but it features a soft close door design.

That with the grab-and-go handle and you won’t find yourself worrying about the push-button mechanical button going out on you.

Don’t worry about the simplistic design and style because there are still plenty of one-button controls and settings for customization as well as convenience.

What Has to Be Considered When Buying a Microwave for Someone Visually Impaired?

Many things must be considered when buying a microwave. Unfortunately, when buying a microwave for the visually impaired there are even more to consider.

With that in mind, it honestly comes down to specific needs. What kind of space does your kitchen offer?

What types of foods do you need to heat? Oh, and don’t forget about the budget. Answering these few simple things will get you well on your way to finding the perfect model.

Voice-controlled commands are the best option when it comes to the visually impaired.

And with today’s technologies, these models not only provide the utmost convenience, but they offer total customization.

You combine that technology with today’s smart functions, and you’ll not just get more convenient cooking, but you’ll get better, more accurate results.

With today’s heating sensors and scan-to-cook technologies, your new appliance will basically set itself to deliver the best optimal results for most dishes.

Although these technologies are really technical, they make heating and cooking as basic as it gets.

Therefore, they are essential features for the visually impaired.

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Antonio Forde
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Antonio Forde
I'm the head-writer @ Ask The Home Geek (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing & editing the majority of the content here). Current learning project: Korean.