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9 Best Microwaves Under $200 In 2024! (Explained Why!)

Antonio Forde
Updated: June 2, 2024
8 min read

There are plenty of microwaves for under $200. I recommend the Panasonic NN-SN67KS Microwave Oven for everyone who wants a high-performance microwave at an affordable price of less than $200.

How I Picked

The price was one of the biggest deciding factors. All are right on the line of $200 or under, making them an affordable option for today’s modern homeowner. Price was considered in conjunction with the rest of the microwave’s features.


Brand should always be a deciding factor when choosing any product. You want a well-known brand that is known around the industry for being dependable, reliable, and responsive. This plays a big role!


If all goes well, you’ll be seeing this device every day for the next couple of years. It should at least mesh with your kitchen, if not add to the overall aesthetics.


If the appliance isn’t capable of serving your family’s everyday cooking needs, there is no reason in investing. I made sure the device offers not only the most basic of functions, but operational functions that will make your life easier.

Top Pick
Panasonic NN-SN67K Microwave Oven, 1.2 cu.ft, Stainless Steel/Silver
Panasonic NN-SN67KS Microwave Oven

The Panasonic NN-SN67KS Microwave Oven is right at the front of the pack thanks to its large capacity, technological features, and overall design. A must-have for your modern cooking needs!

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Panasonic is a name that rings familiarity with a lot of homeowners. That’s probably because they’re right on the forefront of household appliances. They are one of today’s leading manufacturers and will probably continue to be for years to come. Panasonic didn’t just invent microwave inverter technology. They took it to all-new heights with the Panasonic NN-SN67KS.

Heating food and beverages using the highest heat settings isn’t always the most effective route.

That’s what Panasonic’s patented inverter technology strives to eliminate. It utilizes a smart senor in conjunction with inverter technology to provide seamless power and heating time to cook evenly. Your food will retain its texture and nutrients. This also makes the unit more energy efficient because you aren’t wasting heat. Inside cooking dimensions offer an impressive 1.2 cubic feet coupled with 1200 watts of power. The 11 power settings with the three cooking programs offer complete customizable control over your dishes.

The child safety lock will keep all uninvited guests at bay, while the interior light will improve inside visibility. The NN-SN67KS alerts you halfway through the heating with two beeps so you can stir your dishes for better results. The beeps are virtually noiseless with the interior lighting dim at best. You won’t have to stress over late-night cooks, but these might pose a problem for some users.

Runner Up
Breville Compact Wave Soft Close Microwave BMO650SIL, Silver
Breville BM0650SIL Compact Wave Countertop Microwave

A clear runner up with its sleek and sparkling exterior. Do not be fooled with the simplistic controls and design because this microwave is about as advanced as they come.

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Find yourself with a little extra cash to burn and the Breville BM0650SIL is a clear choice. Not as expensive as today’s top pick, but right up there. That being said, there are plenty of clear justifications for the splurge. Just take the aesthetically pleasing appearance. More attractive than the Panasonic, the Breville BM0650SIL offers a more contemporary feel with its sleek stainless steel exterior.

The material also adds to the overall durability of the appliance. The 25L compact footprint offers up more counter space with a more than reasonable interior capacity. Fitting in awkward and uneven dishes won’t be a problem. Engineered with a soft close door and an 80 percent more silent motor, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbor.

Developed in 1932, the Breville Company has become an iconic global household brand. With this buy, you not only get the name of a dependable brand, but you get the backing of a one-year guaranteed warranty. The one-button preset cooking shortcuts along with the defrost and reheat functions make the Breville BM0650SIL a can’t-miss deal for any homeowner.

An Excellent Alternative
TOSHIBA ML-EM45PIT(SS) Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology, Kitchen Essentials, Smart Sensor, Auto Defrost, 1.6 Cu.ft, 13.6' Removable Turntable, 33lb.&1250W, Stainless Steel
Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS) Microwave Oven

A stylistic, durable stainless steel microwave, yet affordable and simplistic enough to bring joy to putting food on the table.

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Another familiar name, the Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS) Microwave Oven boasts just as many impressive traits as the Panasonic above. To start, it offers more space and power with a 1.6 cubic feet interior backed by a power of 1250 watts. Don’t worry about consuming too much energy when it isn’t needed because the economy mode was designed to prevent such things. The 10 different power levels will still offer you a plethora of customizing options.

Toshiba’s sleek interior will virtually make cleanup a breeze. The outside won’t be much more difficult thanks to the protective keypad design. There is a protective film that needs to be removed before first use, but you’ll see there is still plenty of protective plastic. This won’t hurt the controlled display with the bright LED lighting. There is also an interior cavity light for better monitoring.

Mute the beeps and buzzes if you want to go completely noiseless. The big winner here as compared to the Panasonic is the ergonomic grab and go door handle.

Sharp ZSMC2242DS, Stainless Steel Countertop 1200 Watt Microwave Oven, cu. ft, 2.2 CuFt
Sharp ZSMC2242DS Countertop Stainless Steel

A beautifully designed appliance with an unusually large capacity and programming controls and features to match.

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The Sharp ZSMC2242DS takes things even further than the Panasonic or Toshiba by offering 2.2 cubic feet of interior heating space. This might make the overall footprint a bit larger with dimensions of 19.8” x 24.1” x 13,8”, but the appliance is still reasonably compact. Speaking of the exterior, the beautiful stainless steel shell offers gleam, shine, and durability that cannot be matched. A great addition to any countertop!

With the one-touch keys, you’ll be able to get food ready and on the table without giving it a second thought. From thirty seconds to six minutes, popcorn, beverage, and entrée settings can be keyed up on the beautiful LED control panel with a simple push of a single button. The quick and accurate defrosting takes the guesswork out of thawing. Meats, poultry, or fish, this premium microwave features an auto defrost option that does away with the guesswork.

Precise technology along with monitoring sensors will ensure that the appliance adjusts to your dishes as it heats. Hot spots and cold dishes will be unheard of with the Sharp ZSMC2242DS. The downsides are the push-button door opener and extra interior turntable. Interior cleaning and maintenance may take a fraction more.

Frigidaire FFMO1611LS1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave
Frigidaire FFM01611LS Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave

1100 impressive watts of cooking power along with 10 different heating options. The multi-stage heating technology and aesthetically pleasing design are the cherries on top.

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Nearly identical to the Sharp in the exterior department, the Frigidaire FFM01611LS offers just as many impressive features on the inside. The real downer here is that the interior cooking space is lowered to 1.6 cubic feet, but you’ll still have 1100 watts of power at your fingertips. The cooking power along with the 10 power levels, and you won’t have a problem getting dinner served.

The smaller interior will save you some room on the outside with overall dimensions of 18.5” x 21.75” x 12.88”. With the intuitive control panel and the Easy-Set Start function, you won’t waste countless time trying to customize and program time settings. If you do, however, need more versatility you can always take advantage of the Read-Select controls. They let you edit and save personal preferences. Defrosting or reheating leftovers won’t be a worry either because of the effortless design of the keypad and controls. Once again, the real downer is the lack of a door handle, but that is just one less thing to get snagged on. Give the device a built-in look and feel with the purchase of the additional stainless steel trim kit.

BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 Digital Microwave Oven with Turntable Push-Button Door, Child Safety Lock, 1000W, 1.1cu.ft, Black & Stainless Steel, 1.1 Cu.ft
Black & Decker EM031MB11 Digital Microwave Oven

A more than recognizable brand with impressive features and controls. A pleasing black exterior will only improve the look of your countertop.

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With the Black and Decker name backed by the company’s stellar reputation, you can guarantee the EM031MB11 was designed to please. Find yourself running late, and you can quickly set the device for one to six minutes at 100 percent power by simply pressing a single button. Simply cancel the command and end the cook at any time with the utilization of the stop button.

From pizza to popcorn this Black & Decker model is already preprogrammed with some of today’s most popular dishes. The one-button push along with the sensor technology will ensure these dishes get cooked to pure perfection every go.

Thawing and reheating can be a major headache sometimes. Eliminate the worries of uneven cooks and thaws by taking advantage of the company’s time defrost or weight defrost settings. These settings along with the 10 different power levels and you’ll be able to personalize and customize until your heart’s content.

COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave Oven, 0.9Cu.ft, 900W Microwave Oven, with 5 Micro Power, Defrost & Auto Cooking Function, LED Display, Glass Turntable and Viewing Window, Child Lock
COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

A retro-inspired microwave that offers intuitive controls and features along with a beautifully, bright lit LED control display.

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If you long for the “good old day”, the COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave will be right up your alley. Its turn dial timers make operation simplistic as well as provide a user-friendly platform. There is a beautiful, brightly lit LED panel located above the buttons, but one doesn’t have to worry about wasting time programming.

This is not to say the COSTWAY isn’t inventive and technologically advanced because that simply wouldn’t be true. Its unique platform offers 5 levels of power along with a defrost, medium-low, medium-high, and high-high cooking speeds. It’s designed to meet all your cooking and thawing needs. The 360-degree rotating glass turntable not only offers more evenly cooked dishes, but it makes the entire process more efficient. Serving up fresh, delicious dishes won’t be a problem with this retro-inspired wonder.

With green and white color schemes to choose from, you’ll bring an entirely different look to your kitchen. The bright, gleamy stainless steel handle doesn’t hurt aesthetics either. While this might be the case, it also does away with the push-button opener. One less mechanical thing to worry about! The overall design and detail of this beauty with its smoothed and curved corners offer an entirely different look and feel.

Samsung Electronics Samsung MS19M8000AS/AA Large Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven with Sensor and Ceramic Enamel Interior, Stainless Steel, 1.9 cubic feet
Samsung MS19M8000AS/A Large Capacity Countertop Microwave

Ample interior space with auto-defrost and a whole host of preset heating options. That with the exterior stainless steel shell and this Samsung is hard to compete with.

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For those that are shopping for capacity, you cannot go wrong with the Samsung MS19M8000AS/A. Although it does not offer the biggest interior cooking capacity on the list, it does boast 1.9 cubic feet of interior cooking space. This is more than enough space for your favorite family-sized dishes and awkwardly shaped plates. Don’t worry about achieving optimal results because that won’t be an issue thanks to Samsung’s internal sensor cook technology. The internal sensor automatically adjusts the heat applied based on size and weight. You’ll notice a big difference in the taste of your dishes immediately.

The interior might not be as easy to clean and sharp as stainless steel, but it is designed specifically for durability and to resist scratches. The ceramic enamel is more than strong and durable enough to provide years and years of long-lasting operation. The exterior is, however, stainless steel which not only contributes to the overall aesthetics but improves durability along with longevity.

There is plenty of one-button presets for your favorites and a beautifully designed LED display to help you keep track of everything going on. Add this with the auto-defrost option and serving up a delectable dinner for your family in a rush won’t be a worry. On top of all of this, you are investing in a highly reputable and known company. Other than the simplistic design and lack of door handle, you cannot go wrong when investing in a well-known brand like Samsung.

Nostalgia RMO4RR Retro Large 0.9 cu ft, 800-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven, 12 Pre-Programmed Cooking Settings, Digital Clock, Easy Clean Interior, Metallic Red
Nostalgia RMO4RR Retro 800-Watt Microwave

Another retro-pleasing design with a quick action grab-and-go handle. What’s lacking in programming options is more than covered by the smart 360-degree rotating turntable.

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The Nostalgia RMO4RR is the perfect addition to a farmhouse, log cabin, cottage, adobe, and craftsman kitchen. The vintage design is available in various colors, including red, white, aqua, yellow, and black. The capacity is a whopping 0.9 cubic feet, making this the perfect microwave for singles and couples. While it will not meet the lifestyle of a large family, it is ideal for afterschool meals, movie night popcorn, and frozen dinners.

The unique control dial is simplified to ensure maximum usability among teens, older children, and seniors. Even if your tech skills are lacking, the Nostalgia Retrowave control dial is easy to manipulate. To manipulate the dial, you simply turn it counterclockwise. Users can choose from 12 settings that are pre-programmed to eliminate the need to configure the interface. The display is integrated with LEDs to deliver visibility in low-light environments. Monitor the timer from a short distance away while you prepare meals for your family.

The large handle is ergonomically designed to ensure full control and easy handling, even for little hands. Nostalgia offers a full range of small appliances in its Nostalgia collection. The RMO4RR will make the perfect addition to your kitchen countertop appliance collection.

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I'm the head-writer @ Ask The Home Geek (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing & editing the majority of the content here). Current learning project: Korean.